In Bizgaze application “Banks App” is used to save the Bank account details maintained by an organization. Customer Bank details can also be saved in Banks to make payments easy for purchased goods.


Creation of Bank Bank can be created using “Banks App” Go to “Home page” and click on “Banks App”. Here user can view a list of banks towards left side of the screen. Click on “+” button toward the right bottom to create a “new bank”. The new “Bank” creation screen appears as Fig_1. Fig_1 In creation Enter the “Bank Name” and select the type from the drop-down menu. Click on “Save” to save new bank details.


Update Bank Details Go to the home screen and click on the “Banks App”. User can view Banks list select the required Banks from the list to edit/update as shown in Fig_1. Fig_1 Now update the bank details and click on save to save the bank details with updated details.