Item Details

The Item details widget shows “DC items” of the customer and the following details. Field Name Description DC Items The total DC items quantity of the order Delivered The delivered dc item quantity to the customer Missing The missing quantity items to the customer Damaged The damaged items quantity to the customer Split MRP: The Item with the multiple MRP’s, click “Split MRP” to select the respective “MRP” price for the item from the drop-down list. ADD: Click “Add” to add the dc quantity of the newly added items in the sales order.

Dc Basic Details

The dc basic details widget shows the following details. Field Name Description Dc Created By The Dc Creator name for the order. Shipper Contact Person The delivery person name. DC Date The DC generated date. Shipper Ref No The shipper reference number. The Logistic/Transporter name. LR No The Lorry Number. Ref No The reference number provided to the transporter. LoB Name The LoB name for the order. Order Number The Sales Order number. Shipper Contact Number The delivery person mobile number Shipment Date The shipment date to deliver the material Shipment Due Date The shipment due date to deliver the material LR Date The Dc generated date Ref Date The […]

Invoice Value Summary

The invoice value summary widget shows the following details. Payment Term: The term allowed for the customer to pay the invoice amount before the time period given in the term. Invoice Schedule: The type of invoice schedule. Apart from the payment term and Invoice schedule. The tax details applied on the order and the net total of the invoiced amount can be seen in order value summary widget.

Invoice Basic Details

The invoice basic details widget shows the following details of an order Place on: The order generated to date. Payment Mode: The mode of payment paid by the customer. Ref No: The order reference number of the buyer. Due Date: The due date for the payment for an invoice. Sales Person: The sales representative name for the customer. Business Line: The name of LoB (Line of Business). Invoiced: The total invoiced amount on the order. Paid Amount: The total paid amount for the order. Clearance Amount: The amount is paid by the customer and did not reflect in the customer ledger account then it will be the as clearance amount. […]

Invoice Address Details

In the above widget, the invoice address details are the information of the invoice generated an address for seller and buyer. Bill from Address: The billing address of the seller. Ship from Address: The material shipping address from the seller. Bill to Address: The billing address for the buyer. Ship to Address: The material shipping address for the buyer.  

Address Details (Connect Dc)

In the above widget connect dc shown the information of the connected DC to the invoice. DC Number: The connect Dc number to the invoice User clicks on pencil button, the edit page appears as below. The order has multiple DC select the correct DC to the invoice from the dropdown list and click on confirm.