Debit Notes

Name of API: Debit Note
A debit note is a document used by a vendor to inform the buyer of current debt obligations, or a document created by a buyer when returning goods received on credit. The debit note can provide information regarding an upcoming invoice, or may serve as a reminder for funds currently due.

Debit Notes: (get method)


Property NameTypeLink Description
InvoiceIdStringInvoice id to act as an identifier
InvoiceNointA series generated towards raising invoice referred as Invoice No
RefNoStringmanual reference number
NotesStringProvision to write notes / remarks
InvoiceDateDateDate when invoice raised
DueDateDateDue Date for expected Invoice clearance
PortalIdBigintPortal Identifier
PortalNameStringPortal or Branch from where invoice raised
RemoteIdGUIDUnique Identifier
InvoiceStatusenumIndicates current status of invoice
CreatedDateDateTo store date of invoice creation
CreatedByStringUser who created the invoice
LastUpdatedDateDatelast invoice updated date
LastUpdatedByStringUser, recently updated invoice
StatusIdintexistance of the record
LastPaymentDateDateDate of last payment done
TotalAmountDecimalTotal Amount for which invoice raised
PaidAmountDecimalAmount paid against raised invoice ( partial / full)
SystemNotesStringProvision to write notes (generated by the system)
InvoiceItemsListInvoice ItemsList of Items included in the invoice
IsTaxInclusiveBooleanSpecification of Tax inclusion ( Yes / No)
InvoiceTypeEnumInvoice TypeType of Invoice
ShipmentNoStringShipment Number
ShipperObjectContactContact Details
ShipperRefNoStringReference Number
ShipperContactPersonStringShipper Person Name
ShipperContactNoStringShipper Contact Details
ShipmentDateDateDate of Shipment
ShipmentDueDateDateShipment Due Date
DeliveredDateDateOrder delivered date
ExpenseDescStringDescription for Expenses
IsTaxInclusiveBooleanYes / No
ShipFromAddressObjectAddressFrom Address
ContactObjectContactContact Details
SalesPersonObjectContactSales Person Details
BillingAddressObjectAddressBilling Address Details
ShipToAddressObjectAddressShip to Address Details
LobObjectLOBLine of Business
PaymentTermBigintPayment Term
VersionGuidGUIDUnique Identifier
ExchangeRateDecimalRate of Exchange
JournalObjectjournalJournal Details
InvoiceModeenumMode of Invoice
RefInvoiceObjectInvoiceReference Invoice Details
RefDateDateReference Date
DeliveryNoteStringDeliver Note
PrivateShipperStringPrivate Shipper
AssessableAmountDecimalAmount as per calculations
AssessableAdjustmentDecimalAdjustments if any
VAT47NoStringVAT Number
CFormNoStringCform Number

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