Bizgaze – Enhancement and Configuration Management Strategy

Bizgaze – System Enhancement Strategy:

Bizgaze, a business automation suite evolving from leading software package catering services from distributors to manufacturing organizations. BIT (Bizgaze Innovation Team) continuously find most appropriate solutions to the mission-critical business needs. Proper identification of issues/requirements is one of the key aspects of improving the system capabilities. An extensive feasibility study is required in order to incorporate modification or enhancement in functioning the whole system. A development team at Bizgaze responds with an amicable solution to the requirements posted by BIT.

Periodically, Bizgaze either releases updates in the existing features or come with new features list as part of system enhancement. Regular alerts, emails, blogs, and articles will be communicated to all the system users about descriptions of the upcoming updates/enhancements in the system.

  •  Listening to customer’s voice in Identifying Mission Critical issues in Business Process
  • Performing Case Studies at different stages
  • Based on Survey results conducted by BIT and standard third-party organizations
  • Regular market research with efficient comparisons

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