Bizgaze Application Architecture

Bizgaze Application Architecture:

Bizgaze adopted most dynamic architecture while building Application. In order to accommodate various business needs such that system comply with requirements without disturbing existing core framework. Application minimizes interdependencies in the entire framework and allowing provisions to add plugins along with core featured framework.

The base application involved with CRM, Notifications, Tasks and Multi Channels (Line of Businesses). Thereon, App Framework wires down the online and offline based access to the system. In online mode application framework allows to interact the pluggable core modules and in the offline mode, it extends with scheduler and integrator capabilities to achieve seamless integration with other applications.

Bizgaze with Multi-tenancy Capability

Bizgaze system architecture brings in multi-tenancy concept into the system. Acting as an entire application of SaaS model. Instances (Tenants) can be created for each client and user-specific needs are incorporated into each client under the common database utility model. In a multi-tenancy environment, all clients share application capabilities as per the subscription model. System resources will be equally shared by the tenants depending on subscription type and assigned privileges placed under cloud environment maintained with international standards fulfilling all complying policies in a cloud.