Name of API: Receipts

A receipt generated in exchange for another form of good, service or financial asset in proportions agreed upon by all parties involved. Receipts transactions are on a daily basis, which can be one of the popular modes including internet banking, debit/ATM cards, credit cards, cheque & demand drafts, Net Banking (NEFT, RTGS, and UPI).

Receipts: (get method)


Input Parameters:

Parameter NameType Description
FromDateStringString with "yyyyMMddHHmmSS" Format
ToDateStringString with "yyyyMMddHHmmSS" Format
LobidBigIntLine of Business Identifier
portalsStringincluded portal names with pipe symbol


Property NameTypeDecription 
PaymentIdBigintPayment Identifier
PaymentNoStringPayment Number
PaymentTypeEnumPayment / Receipt
PaymentDateDatePayment Date
ContactObjectContact Object
PaymentAmountdecimalPayment Amount
TotalAmountdecimalTotal Amount
PaymentAccountBigintPayment Amount
RefNoStringReference Number
RefDateDateReference Date
BankNameStringName of the Bank
BankBranchStringBranch of the Bank
VersionGuidGuidUnique Identifier
NotesStringSmall Notes
PaymentModeEnumCash / Card / Credit
CreatedByStringUser Name
LastUpdatedByStringUpdated by User Name
CreatedDateDateCreated Date
LastUpdatedDateDateLast Updated Date
PaymentStatusEnumPayment Status
PaymentItemsListPaymentItem List
AdvanceAmountdecimalAdvance Amount
ConsumedAmountdecimalConsumed from Advance
DecidedDateDateDecided Date
DecidedByStringDecided by the user
ToDepositDateDateTo be Deposited Date
DepositedDateDateActual Deposited Date
BankRefNoStringBank Reference Number
BankRefDateDateBank Reference Date

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