Sales Order

Name of API: Sales Order
Sales Order is a specific format document that a company uses to bill the customer for their purchase after successful order process. An order is automatically generated using certain mandatory prerequisites.

This form includes properties like Customer Name, contact point, Billing, shipping Addresses, Accounts, Payment Terms/Tax Type, Prices selection, Tax selection, Discounts, Expenses.

Sales Order: (get method)

OrderNumberstringIndicates Order Number
SeriesNamestringIndicates series Name
OrderDatedatetimeDate when invoice raised
OrderTypeintType of Order (Sales/Purchase)
PortalNamestringIndicates Order created portal name
RemoteIdstringUnique Identifier
VersionGuidUniqueIdentifierUnique Identifier
ContactObjectContactContact Details
BillingAddressObjectAddress Billing Address Details
ShippingAddressObjectAddressShipping Address Details
OrderItemsObjectOrderItemsOrderItems Details

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