Series Creation

Series is mandatory for every business Transaction in any workflow. It is a unique number given to the transaction in a workflow. I will have a pattern depicting the Type of Transaction(Suffix Identifies the type), Starting Number, Size of the Number (Defines the Maximum Number of Transactions within that header)..etc..

Following are the Series that can be created/edited in Supply chain(Business)

  1. Estimates
  2. Orders(Sales & Purchase)
  3. Invoices(Sales & Purchase)
  4. Delivery Challans(Inward & Outward)
  5. Variants
  6. Returns(Sales & Purchase)
  7. Employees

and much more based on the requirement

For creating New series

You can click on New Series button or +(PLUS) Add Button

New Series Creation Form

Following are the fields available in New Series Creation form

  1. Series Name – Name of the Series which identifies such as ( Advance Payment/Credit Note/Debit Note..etc) type of Transaction connected to Portal/LOB
  2. PO/Number Prefix {{Starting Number}}-Provide the format of the series
  3. Starting No -Provide starting Number from which the series needs to be incremented
  4. Number Size- Number of Digits in the Number
  5. Number Prefix- Prefix required for the series
  6. Short description about the series

Click on Save the series

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