Support Module

Support Module

The Support module in Bizgaze offers the following features:

  • Tickets can be assigned to users (and users can view all tickets assigned to them).
  • Tickets support stages (Open, active, in-process, closed, etc) and priorities (low, normal, high, critical, etc) can be configured.
  • Ticketing activity is integrated with GPS for manual Servicing.
  • Configurable email notifications for new and updated tickets.
  • Tickets created, updated and informed via email, SMS or Notifications on Mobile Application, with support for attachments. New users can be automatically created.
  • Estimates for the raised tickets can be generated and invoices can be sent to the customers on their mobile application
  • Supports an unlimited number of clients, each with their own configuration and access permissions.

Process for Configuring Support Module is described below.

Ticket groups are meant for creating a Parent or Child Ticket Group which are needed to understand the hierarchy model or support process model for better segregation of the tickets.

For example. Ticket Group will be like  EXIDE ( A battery manufacturing company) is the Parent Ticket Group, In which, A company does business in selling/servicing  Car Batteries and  Inverters.They will be Child Ticket Groups.

Further in Car Batteries, There might be different CAR Companies such as MARUTHI, FORD, CHEVROLET, etc. which will become the third level of Ticket Group…

Further in Car Manufacturing Company, Let us take MARUTHI, Sales & Service are two subticketing groups…

Further, in Sales, you can create a ticket giving your position and contact information details…

Process for Configuring the support Module

Go to Main Menu

Click on Support Module

Any Number of Stages can be created in the Support Ticket Workflow based on the requirement.

Before understanding the process of raising the ticket in Support Module, We need to configure the Support Module

Process for configuring the Support Module

  1. Create the Ticket Group
  2. Giving the details of the Ticket Group(Properties of The Ticket Group)
  3. Creating the Levels in the Ticket Group
  4. Giving the details of Level(Properties)
  5. Creating level Members
  6. Creating Issue Group

Select the Groups in the TAB as specified below( It can be seen by clicking on MORE option on the Stages banner.

Select the New Group Button

A Ticket GRoup Creation form will be appearing as shown below and fill the details as explained in the example above.

Following are the fields to be filled.

  1. Ticket group Name
  2. Root TAG( Parent or Child)’
  3. Series( Can be made automatic)
  4. Enable Levels ( Hierarchy in assignment of tickets) Yes/No
  5. Select the level Group
  6. Cities applicable
  7. Group ENable Onsite( Field support engineers requirement) YES/NO
  8. Organisation Group  (If the organization rely on third-party service model, or there are groups who deal the support outside the organization)
  9. LOB
  10. Dealer Support TAG (Dealers who deliver the support)
  11. Description of the Ticket Group

Creating Levels in the Ticketing Group

  1. level name
  2. Level Index

Create Level members

Level numbers are of three types

  1. Level Manager ( Offsite Team Lead)
  2. Onsite(Field Engineers)
  3. Support Agent(Support Agent who take the call)

Role Name:

Roles which are to be selected for the support module for this Ticket Group

Issue Groups are for segregating the Issues like raising the concerns of the customers by just selecting the related options like…Battery charging Problem, Jumpstart, Car Not Starting, Battery dead,etc..(w.r.t above example)

Create Issue groups by clicking Add new Issue group button as shown below.

List of Issues will be populated as shown below. A customer can choose the issue directly from this list while raising a ticket.

Process for creating a ticket.

Creating a ticket 

Click on the +(PLUS) button as shown below.

Select the I level ticket segregation like in which LOB

Select the II level ticket segregation like in which type of Business( Issue-based)

Select the III level ticket segregation like the manufacturer name for which the ticket is intended for

Select the IV level ticket segregation like it is of what variety (For example Sales or Service)

Create new Ticket screen will be populated with

  1.  MAP( which can be used to pin the location of the Customer)
  2. How can we reach you (ON/OFF) button: If the location cannot be given by customer, he/she can give the address as represented in the second figure with address details form-This will be enabled when ON is selected on this field
  3. Registered Phone number
  4. Issue(Can be chosen by the customer from the list of Issues already configured)
  5. Tell us more(Customer can describe the issue elaborately)
  6. Submit the Ticket

Raised ticket details can be viewed from the Support team in a Ticket Details Screen with following details

  1. Customer Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Level
  5. Group
  6. Ticket Type
  7. Accepted By
  8. Accepted Date
  9. issue Information
  10. Description

The stage of the Ticket can be modified by the team lead who assigns the ticket to the concerned technician or support personnel.

Ticket Details

Adding a service call

assignment of the ticket to the support personnel is done through this TAB( Service Call)

Select the Service Call in the Ticket details screen

Select the contact person from the drop-down list

click on Assign

Support Estimate creation

A support estimate can be created directly from the ticket and can be communicated to the customer for his approval with the items selected for the service and also including the service charges for the service rendered.

Support Estimate form

Estimate Summary

Select items.

Click on the Price,  Enter the Expected Price,  Click on Apply.

Send the estimate to the customer through Email/SMS and also through the mobile application and get confirmation for the same.

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