Invoice Basic Details

The invoice basic details widget shows the following details of an order

  • Place on: The order generated to date.
  • Payment Mode: The mode of payment paid by the customer.
  • Ref No: The order reference number of the buyer.
  • Due Date: The due date for the payment for an invoice.
  • Sales Person: The sales representative name for the customer.
  • Business Line: The name of LoB (Line of Business).
  • Invoiced: The total invoiced amount on the order.
  • Paid Amount: The total paid amount for the order.
  • Clearance Amount: The amount is paid by the customer and did not reflect in the customer ledger account then it will be the as clearance amount.
  • Due: The total amount of the invoice.
  • Make Payment: User clicks on make payment it shows the receipts form.