Order DC (Delivery Challan)

The order dc shows the delivery challan generated on a single/bulk items. Shipper Name: The name of transporter afflicted to organization goods transport facility. Details: The Dc reference number. Item: The number of items for which “Dc” is generated. Received By: The shipper contacts person name with reference to the Dc. ✓ The existing dc can be edited/deleted. ✓ The generated dc can be printed. ✓ The generated dc can be split, to the requirement.

Order Items

In the above widget, the order items are the list of the orders and the status of each order, once after the order is placed. Ordered: The total order placed quantity. Delivered: The total order delivered quantity. Invoiced: The total order invoiced quantity. Invoiced Return: The total order invoiced return quantity. Delivered Return: The total order delivered return quantity. The order Item widget allows to user add a quick item to the sales order. On clicking “Add” to view the order details screen. The fields include in “Order details” are as follows Field Name Description & Limitations Item A search of the item to add the item to the order. User […]

Order Basic Details

The order basic details widget shows the following details LoB: The line of business (LoB) name of the order. Ref No: The order number of the buyer. Payment Type: The mode payment for the order. Sale By: The sales representative name for the order. Amount: The total amount of the order. Contact person: The “Spoc” name of the customer. Consultant Name: the consultant name of the customer. Order Date: Order generated date. Proposed Delivery date: The estimated delivery date of goods from the seller warehouse. Expected Delivery date: The estimate delivery date of goods. Priority order: The status of emergency order. Order Mode: The priority state of the order. Order […]


Go to the home page and click on the Vendor App. Select the required Customer and click on the Edit Layout button available to the top right side. User can view “Tabs and Widgets” on the screen. To add a new tab, click on ‘Add’ in the tabs section and enter the tab name. After creating the tab, click on the ‘Add’ button in the widgets section and add the required widgets to the tab. The Widgets are as follow. Widgets  Followers Customer Credit Health Sales Frequency Organization Group Point of Contact Lob Tag Sales Manager GST Details Contact Alias Name Address Phone Email Sales Pending Order Sales Pending Invoices URL […]


After selecting the vendor, click on the Edit Layout button available at the top of the right-side. The user can view the Tabs and Widgets on the screen. To add new tabs, click on ‘Add’ in the tab and enter the tab name. After creating tab click on the ‘Add’ button in widgets and add the required widgets to the tab. The Widgets are as follow. Widgets Customer Credit Health Account Manager Followers Sales Frequency Organization Group Contact Point Lob Tag  Sales Manager  Gst Details Address Phone Email